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How to root android with Towelroot

Lydia Smith lydia_kSmith
@lydia_kSmith | Posted 27 Aug. 2019

As you all know by now android rooting is not a simple task to do. Or how about the risk that you have to endure to do it? But even if that correct are there any reduction od people who would do it if they could find the correct tool? Nope. Because Android rooting is the start of the whole customization and modification of an Android operating system. After that, you can unlock the bootloader, clear bloatware, Install custom recoveries and flash custom ROMs as you wish to obtain it. To do all... (More)

How to root Android using Framaroot

Lydia Smith lydia_kSmith
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 23 Aug. 2019

Android rooting was not so fascinated when its the time before the arrival of the one-click rooting tools. But after that arrival also there are some doughts among android users because most of the one-click rooting tools are not so much reliable. so instead of trying the easy method users focused on the hard method which is more complicated but more reliable. But after a long time awaiting hopes of the users finally, it becomes reality. Now we have a one-click rooting tool that has a higher... (More)

How to root Android using Kingoroot?

Lydia Smith lydia_kSmith
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 19 Aug. 2019

As you all know Kingoroot is one of the best and powerful rooting tools in the Android market. It's capable with almost all the android smartphone and tablets manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and etc. More importantly, it is compatible with all the android versions above Android 4.4. But you know what? it is not difficult at all. All you have to do is following these instructions and click the button. One single button. And viola!!! you will have a rooted android. So let's check how... (More)

How to Download Cydia using Cydia Cloud

Lydia Smith lydia_kSmith
@lydia_kSmith | Posted 11 Jul. 2019

What is Cydia cloud and how to download Cydia with it?

What are best Cydia tweaks for iPad?

Lydia Smith lydia_kSmith
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 29 Jun. 2019

How to root Android Safely

Lydia Smith lydia_kSmith
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 25 Jun. 2019

If you want to root your android device you should do a lot of researches beforehand. It not only because rooting will void your device warranty and if you have done anything wrong the device might risk. There are a bunch of reasons there. One of the main is there are hundreds of rooting tools available and all of them are do not safe. So before anything else you should check if the third party supporting tool that you are gonna use is a scam or not. So it's better you Check the reviews of... (More)