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Tylor turpin
@tylorturpin | Posted 07 Nov. 2018

How to flash with xiaomi mi flash tool

Dixie Roach Tech Person
@dixieroach | Posted 07 Nov. 2018

Download Xiaomi MI Flash Tool
Nowadays many users are addicted to Android devices and Android manufacturers are trying to give many features to their fans by updating OS. With the revolution of these Xiaomi Inc also released the Xiaomi MI flash tool latest version to the public. Read the whole guide to find out the flashing process and features of the tool.

Key Features Of Xiaomi MI Flash Tool
The latest edition of Xiaomi MI flash tool comes along with the installer which needs to be installed on Windows PC without any external applications. The tool will update all the drivers on the handset to the latest edition without any additional charges. This will make the users flash the handset in a perfect way. There are three different ways for flashing like flash all files, Flash all files except storage and flash all except storage and data. You can choose your desired operation at this point. 

How To Download Xiaomi MI Flash Tool 
Here I have managed to collect the official website link for MI flash tool. Simply navigate to the site directly from here to make your tool download. 

Steps To Flash With Xiaomi MI Flash Tool
Execute these simple steps on your handset to flash your handset without any errors. Here I have collected a well-explained Video tutorial you can watch this video to get a clear idea about the flashing process. 

  1. Step 1: Double-click on the downloaded Xiaomi MI flash tool to install on your Windows PC
  2. Step 2: Now get your Xiaomi device and download the best fast boot file on that
  3. Step 3: Then boot the smart apparatus into fast boot mode
  4. Step 4: Now connect the handset to Windows computer using a USB cable
  5. Step 5: After the connection, the utility will automatically update the driver
  6. Step 6: Now click on the refresh button to see the connection
  7. Step 7: Unzipped Fast boot ROM folder. Use the “Select” button to locate the folder of that Stock Firmware of your device.
  8. Step 8: After the checking process now click on the flash button to begin the process
  9. Step 9: The flashing process will commence and wait for a few minutes
  10. Step 10: After a successful manner you will get a success message on your screen

Winding Up
Download the latest Xiaomi MI flash tool today on your Windows PC to flash and have amazing features on your device. I hope this guide has helped you to flash the handset perfectly. Thanks to the developers and well-wishers who made this tool a great one.