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Why it is important to have a Website in your Business?   

Ramez Lone
@ramezlone | Updated 17 Jul. 2018

Mila Curtis
@Milacurtis | Posted 16 Nov. 2018

A website looks like a name card of your business. It brings you at least these benefits as below:

1. The website of your business is the platform for the people to go through and know you and your business well when they are out of the physical reach to your place. That means it can help you to reach the more and more people worldly on the internet.

2. It could be a place for you to complete deals with people around the world through the online shopping cart.

3. It is a network stop for your customers and potential partners to find you when it is necessary, or do after-sales service.

I will take a website of the password manager I have used on my computer for example, 

1. On this website, they present their product features with the download link to the product. It helps me to know what the product does and whether it is matching my needs. And the download link guide me to download it easily without searching the download sites again. 

2. And the contact information online makes me feel secure that I can find them for any help related to the product when I become their users.