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Why is email marketing important for e-commerce?   

Barsha Gupta
@barsha | Updated 18 Apr. 2019

Barsha Gupta
@barsha | Posted 18 Apr. 2019

E-commerce is the act of buying or selling of goods that is done via online transactions. Why it is important to do email marketing for e-commerce lies in the fact that both are electronic-based. The target audience for such business is usually those people who are dependent on the internet.

Business done online is growing rapidly nowadays. This means that more and more people are trusting online sellers to process orders and without physical contact.

Because of this, businesses send out electronic ads via email to let their target market informed of their latest products, promos or simply keep in touch with them. Email marketing is important because it helps businesses get noticed by individuals subconsciously, simply by showing up in their emails.