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Fred Boon
@kimphilips | Updated 26 Feb. 2019

Attendance application for Clock In and Clock Outs

 Attendance System is a systematic process used to identify record, measure, verify and summarize timesheet report. Through the systematic process of Attendance System, individuals can simply understand how timesheet report within a business through the attendance reports generated. Remarkably, when using an online¨attendance system, every business transaction affects at least two accounts that are the Clock In accounts and the Clock Out accounts, and this system is referred to as double attendance system. For every transaction conducted the amount should be entered on both accounts to indicate that timesheet is moving from Clock Out to time IN settle an expense or debt. The time IN account means timesheet that is attending out of a firm to purchase an asset or settle a cost whereas a Clock Out account indicates timesheet is attending into the enterprise. 

Fred Boon
@kimphilips | Posted 25 Feb. 2019

Clock Outs, on the other hand, appear on the right side of the timesheet and are used to indicate cash attending into the business from various sources. There are different sources of timesheet for a business which are; revenues, attendances, and shareholders’ equity.  All these three forms of Clock Out come in various ways and therefore, must be indicated appropriately. For example, if a company is paid for services rendered, two accounts are affected, that is the account receivables on the time IN side and service revenues on the Clock Outside.

Clock In, in a timesheet, appear on the left side indicating of how timesheet to the company in the form of an online attendance application is entered into the time IN section regarding fixed shifts. Accordingly, the same amount will be recorded in the Clock Out section depending on the nature of the attendance. Notably, laws of Attendance System dictate that when there is a decrease in the time IN accounts when timesheet flows out of business, there should be an increase in the Clock Out accounts where the timesheet is originating.

However, the double attendance system does not always apply; there are situations where a transaction can appear in more than one account. The attendance will appear in three different accounts that is; cash, interest expense, and attendances payable.