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What is Dedicated Hosting?   

sarahti mothyth
@sarahtimothyth | Posted 29 Jul. 2019

I need to know about Dedicated Hosting. So If anyone knows about this please let me know.

meade alyssath
@meadealyssath | Posted 30 Jul. 2019

This is a kind of hosting mainly preferred by the big sites or sites having enough amount of traffic and wants high-performance and reliability. Dislikes, its greater price, still people desired to host their websites on this platform. Because, it is one of the oldest types of hosting and it is trustworthy and provides high-level performance, improved security and independence to administer your web server by your way.

In any point, a dedicated hosting client has a full right to choose the hardware configuration and the selection of OS for their dedicated server. This type of service is totally different from the normal shared web hosting where multiple customers share the resources of the server and do not have much independence to select the operating system.