What are the Best iOS File Manager Apps?   

Posted 26 Jul. 2019

james mmajor
@jamesmmajor | Posted 26 Jul. 2019

One of the most amazing things about the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device is iOS File management software. Yes, you think is right. iTunes is the default iOS management app on your iOS devices. By now, iTools and Mobogane is the best alternative app to file manager on your iOS devices for a variety of functions. Not only for that these apps work as the multitasking app on iOS devices. From this up to down content we cover all the facts about the “What The Best iOS File Manage Apps is?”. No matter, iTools Download, and the Mobogenie Download is the best application which you can get the best iOS File Manager experience with a variety of functions.


1.  iTools Download

iTools Download is an alternative iOS manage app in the iOS world. Trust, it is the best iPhone / iPad / iPod management software and file transfer app to your Apple devices. Most of the Apple device users like to get an extra feature than the default iTunes. So iTools Download is the well-known app that you can use as the best alternative app to your iTunes. The ThinkSky Team is the developer and distributor of the iTools Download and they launch this app as a computer-based application to the world. 

Features of iTools Download

  • It is the best alternative iOS manage app to your iTunes.

  • You can use this app as a file transfer app including transfer media, photos, videos, etc.

  • You have the chance to see battery status, change icons, make complete backups, control all media, and do lots more things.  

  • Its Icon Arranger feature lets to arrange all the app icons the way you want. 

  • You can use this app very easily.

  • iTools allows to make a full backup on your iOS device data and restore them with the help of backup and restore feature.   

  • Hope to take full reports and manage the battery life of your device, you can use the Battery Master feature of iTools. 

  • The Ringtone Maker use to set your chosen song as the ringtones.

  • Using the AirPlayer feature, it allows recording the screen and shares your screen with others.

  • Wanna share images within your Windows or Mac PC, you can use the Image tool.

  • You wanna preview unlimited images in the original resolution, Image Viewer is the best feature on the iTools. 

How can I iTools Download on my iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device? 

The way to iTools Download on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device is very easy with the official site iTools Download here. First, you need to download and install the iTools latest version on your Windows or Mac PC. Then connect your Apple device to PC and launch iTools on your smart device. Now you can begin to obtain all the functionality of iOS manage and files transfer without any doubt. 

2. Mobogenie Download

Mobogenie download is one of the well-known  “All in one Apps Manager” on your iOS devices. However, this app is not only for iOS users, but all the Android users can get its benefits as well.  Mobogenie Download is a kind of iOS manage app and a video downloader app. This app is a 100% safe and easy to use an app on both Android and iOS device.

Features of Mobogenie Download

  • Mobogenie app you can download for free of charge

  • It allows to get access to the apps, videos, wallpapers, etc. and download them for free. 

  • This smart app is available for both Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

  • This smart app allows transferring all important data between your PC and your mobile phones.

  • This is the best alternative for Google Play.

  • This app allows to synchronize entire contacts and download messages. 

Guide to Mobogenie Download on your smart device 

Visit our official site Mobogenie Download here to download and install the latest version of the Mobogenie app in your smart devices. Now you can obtain to all the app manage and files transfer experience with Mobogenie Download.