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What are different kinds of dedicated hosting?   

Marvin Jasonth
@marvinjasonth | Posted 29 Jul. 2019

I need to know about different kinds of dedicated hosting. So If anyone knows about this please let me know.

alonzo halloran
@alonzohalloran | Posted 30 Jul. 2019

There are different kinds of dedicated hosting:

Unmanaged Hosting

Managed Hosting

If comes to managed dedicated hosting that it exactly indicates that with a normal cheap dedicated server the customer gets a complete help or support to manage their web server. The complete help contains the complete server management by your service provider. Though, the customer needs to decide and demand the provider the apps or something they wish to configure or install on their web server.

On the other hand, Unmanaged dedicated web hosting, your hosting service provider doesn’t take any accountability of managing the web server, it is the customer’s responsibility to control its own web server. In the managed web hosting, you can arrange the web server just the same as you do in managed web hosting. Though, if you do not have enough time to look over your web server, it is sure that problems are going to come. Therefore, going with managed hosting will be a wonderful choice.

If comes to price, unmanaged web hosting is a bit reasonable compare to managed hosting, as you do not have to bear the fee of administration to manage the web server by your service provider.