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What are best Cydia tweaks for iPad?   

Lydia Smith Freelancer and tech blogger
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 29 Jun. 2019

Lydia Smith Freelancer and tech blogger
@lydia_kSmith | Posted 28 Jun. 2019

When you having a Cydia installer on your iDevice it is like thousand of opportunities to customize it. It actually is. There are thousands of apps, tweaks, and cracked games for free. But there is a small problem with Cydia lately because there is not a method to Cydia free download because of new releases of iOS like iOS 12.4.  But when a problem rises the solution will be found. In this problem, most people move to online jailbreak method like Cydia cloud. The effort does not fade away when you be able to download it. Anyhow, today I am going to talk about some amazing Cydia tweaks that may use for your iPad.

Best Cydia apps for iPad from Cydia free download


This powerful tweak does not even need an introduction. It is multitasking and it is one of the must-have tweaks in the jailbreak community. You can customize it as you wish. Limitless combinations of actions can be assigned to specific gestures and events. The device will is unique and effective with this. Especially on the iPad, you can get most out of this tweak. As an example, there is this ‘Battery Drains' option in the Activator and it will take actions after it goes a certain level of battery level. It takes action automatically and will save whatever left.

iCleaner Pro

This is the cleaner of your iDevice. It will clean all the junk files, unnecessary file, and data like cookies. So the system will boost up. The overall speed will be enhanced. You can configure it to do its job daily and can be assigned any cleaning to it. I mean inside of the iPad obviously. This is completely free and effective.


This is a free tweak that I found very useful. It will give you the translation you want without leaving the current page. As a reader, this app is very useful for someone like me. Whenever you want a translation you just have select that block. Translate button will appear and you just have to click it. The translated text will be display on a pop-up. But this tweak is only compatible with iOS 7,8 and 9

Eclipse 3

As a fan of dark modes, this tweak is somewhat very essential to someone like me. It will change the default light color theme of the iPad into a dark theme. Include all the apps. If you spending a lot of time working with iPad this will help you to reduce the tiredness of the eyes caused by the light color screen. But it is not a free item. You have to pat $ 0.99 for it when you download Eclipse.

Final word

Cydia free download will let you have thousands of apps and tweaks which will be convenient for us. In here I describe some most used tweaks for iPad. If you use this you will find out how important these are.