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How To use root KPH ?   

Tylor turpin
@tylorturpin | Updated 19 Dec. 2018

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Hello Tylor,

Actually, it should be rootkhp. Rootkhp is a successful rooting tool for higher version of Android devices, especially including Android Nougat. Here I am presenting you an article about rootkhp and hope it will be the best answer for you.

How To Download Rootkhp For PC - Windows 10

Most of Android users are now aware rooting process and also they are at least know the names of rooting tools. In simple word, rooting can be explained as the process of removing software restrictions which have been applied on Android OS by the carrier and the device manufacturer. Since the rooting process allows users to become a superuser and gains full authority of the Android device users love to perform rooting. But the problem is the unavailability of the continuously updated rooting tool. When looking at the internet there are so many rooting tools which promise to give root access. But most of them are not updated for ages and only works for the older version of Android versions. As a solution for this matter now users are able to download Rootkhp for Pc which has been specially designed to root Lollipop and higher Android version.

Download Rootkhp For PC

Rootkhp is a Windows-based rooting application and users are able to download Rootkhp for PC  which uses Windows operating system. Currently, the latest version of Rootkhp is v2.6 and it comes with the ability to work on Windows XP and fixed minor bugs. Especially the latest version works fine with both locked and non-locked bootloader. But blocked bootloader gets more time than usual.

Compatibility And Supported Devices

As mentioned previously, users who hope to root their using Rootkhp can download Rootkhp on Windows computer which runs Windows 7/ 8/8.1/10, Windows XP/2012 R2/2012/2008/Vista.Also, the programme supports thousands of Android devices including famous brands such as Samsung, Acer, Asus etc.

How To Download  Rootkhp For PC And Root Android Nougat Device

 Here you are guided to download Rootkhp for Windows 10 and root Android Nougat device. Though the programme is compatible with Lollipop and hither versions, it is widely being used to root Android Nougat devices

Note: Do not forget to back up your device completely before start the rooting process

Step 1: Rootkhp download must be done on your Windows computer

Step 2: Right-click on the downloaded zip file and select  "Extract All" option from the menu.Enter the desired location to extract the file in  "Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders" dialogue box

Step 3: Now, check the  "Show extracted files when complete" 

Step 4: Click the "Extract" button to extract the file folder and after extraction install the rootkhp application

Step 5: Download and Install  USB drivers for your device on your computer  or update the already installed drivers

Step 6: Enable USB debugging mode

Step 7: Attach the device to the computer using the original USB cable

Step 8: Open Rootkhp programme and wait until your device is detected

Step 9: You will see an orange colour "Root" button on the interface. Click it to begin the rooting process

Step 10: After the device is rooted programme will display a  "Congratulation" message. Do not forget to stay connected to the internet until the process ends.