How to root android with Towelroot   

Lydia Smith Freelancer and tech blogger
@lydia_kSmith | Posted 27 Aug. 2019

As you all know by now android rooting is not a simple task to do. Or how about the risk that you have to endure to do it? But even if that correct are there any reduction od people who would do it if they could find the correct tool? Nope. Because Android rooting is the start of the whole customization and modification of an Android operating system. After that, you can unlock the bootloader, clear bloatware, Install custom recoveries and flash custom ROMs as you wish to obtain it. To do all these we need a third party application which is efficient and capable.

Visit here for beginners guide of rooting -

What is Towelroot?

In 2014 there was this bounty for the people who are able to build a cracking app for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon/AT&T and Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon/AT&T. The bounty was $20000 and it offers by XDA developers. On that time these are the hardest to ***** devices available. The challenge was accepted by George Hotz who is a famous developer of ios jailbreaking apps. He was the winner. He developed Towelroot for that bounty but eventually, he published it to download completely free.

How to Root Android 

  1. Go to this web site which is the authorized website of the Towelroot.
  2. Then on this website, you will see a red Lambda sign.
  3. Click it and the application will be downloaded to your smartphone.
  4. Once you download it a warning message will appear saying something like downloaded .apk could harm your device. You have to click OK and continue the process.
  5. Tap on the downloaded .apk and click the install button that will appear. It will installed to the device.
  6. When you click the install button a warning will poping up. You have to tick the checkbox in front of the ‘I understand and still want to install it’ and click the install button.
  7. Once the installation completed click the Open to launch the application.
  8. Then click “make it ra1n.”
  9. After that device will be forced restart and when it boots up you will have a rooted device.

Final verdict

Towelroot is an easy and efficient method that can be used to root android. But it has a few drawbacks. As an example, you have to install a root checker separately to check the root status because the application doesn't inform if its rooted or not. But its have its own advantages also. Even though you rooted your device with this it does not break or damage your smartphone if it is a failure.