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How to root Android Safely   

Lydia Smith Freelancer and tech blogger
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 25 Jun. 2019

If you want to root your android device you should do a lot of researches beforehand. It not only because rooting will void your device warranty and if you have done anything wrong the device might risk. There are a bunch of reasons there. One of the main is there are hundreds of rooting tools available and all of them are do not safe. So before anything else you should check if the third party supporting tool that you are gonna use is a scam or not. So it's better you Check the reviews of famous forums like XDA developers. Here I'm going to talk about the best Android rooting tools.

Android rooting tools that best for your device

Samsung Odin

If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet there is a rooting tool that specially created for you calling Samsung Odin. It helps you to modify firmware, Flash new Roms and root. There are few versions for Android rooting with Odin. You have to select the most suitable one for your device. For more information check the below video.


This is one of the best rooting tools mentioned in XDA developers site this year. We could not find a universal rooting tool for almost every Android device because they are improving every day. But this root tool considers as a universal Android Rooting tool because it is compatible with more than three hundred devices above Android 4.0. Check this to know if your device is compatible or not. If you are a fan of the lord of the ring story you will be impressed by using this because you will be meeting up with exploits that have named after those characters.


This is the king of rooting and it is not complicated like any of above. Just one click and you can root any android device including latest Version Oreo. It has good reviews around the world. It will download SuperSU sometimes but it is useful. So using Kingo tool is not a bad idea.

Android Root tools you should avoid

There can be apps with the same name but those are completely different. As an example, you can take the KingRoot app. This is so similar to KingRoot but you should never use this tool. It's true that it will root your device. But more or less it can take your resources. In here they harvest your mobile data. It needs continuous internet to work. But it does not update the software also. But a few minutes your data amount will be 0MB. Not only that after rooting it can get all of your details include email address, password and billing information, etc. So it is not safe. Some rooting tools download tons of junks to our mobile without even you knowing it. And if you realize it after and wanted to remove it you can not do that easily. So you better avoid these kinds of rooting tools