How To Root Android - Download Latest Magisk Root   

Stephanie Talley keen on Technology
@Stephanie | Posted 06 Aug. 2019

Are you interested in Android Rooting? If so you might be searching the internet for a successful and secure rooting solution. Here, you will be able to learn the most successful and popular rooting solution as of now. Since Android rooting offers Android users a lot of benefits, they are really keen on it. But most of the users afraid of Android rooting as it may offer bad results instead of a good result if go wrong. Let's start the journey with a brief introduction to rooting. 

What Is Android Rooting 

Simply, rooting is the mechanism which is followed by Android users to acess into the Android system files. The access to the system files has been denied by your device manufacturer as it may make system files make vulnerable. After getting acess to system files, you can apps, mods and tweaks as system files which are not allowed by default. Frankly, the key purpose of the rooting is to make your stubborn Android smartphone flexible according to your preferences rather than device manufacturers' preferences. 

Android Rooting Tools

There are a number of Rooting tools which some of compatible with lower Android device and some of compatible with higher Android versions. Usually, all the available rooting tools comes from third parties and you can hardly find official rooting tools except Odin for Smasung Galaxy devices. Although Odin is playing as the official tool, the root package (CF-Auto-Root) which is compatible with Odin cannot be considered as an official package since it is developed by a third-party developer. However, this Odin is the only clue for official support for Android rooting. You can visit the Odin download website if you are interested in it

Magisk Root

Magisk is one of popular third-party rooting solution which allows you to acess a number of Android smartphone models. But it is not an easy rooting tool for a beginner as it requires a few additional steps when compared one-click rooting tools. If you have adequate knowledge and enthusiasm you can give it a try. Basically, Magisk Root consists of Magisk and Magisk Manager. First, you need to root your Android device flashing Maagisk Zip file in custom recovery mode and allow it to install Magisk Manager itself or install it yourself

What Is Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is an Android application which can be used after rooting your Android with Magisk. It allows you to download tweaks and modification to modify your device and prompt you wehn an app request to acess your system files. In general. you cannot use the all Magisk features without Magisk Manager