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How to root Android devices with Odin - Pros and Cons of Rooting you should know   

Barbara Vega
@barb | Posted 29 Jul. 2019

How To Root Android - Pros and Cons you should know

Guide to root any android device starts with a proper understanding of benefits and the limitations the process brings. With correctly configured information when it comes to these, your rooting attempt could be easily successful without a sweat. So let's investigate what these are and before we get into the tea, I want to give a little clarification on what rooting is.

Rooting Explained

Rooting is the acquiring of rights to root access privileges. With root access, you can alter and customize any file system, right to the core code of the Android Linux operating system. These system files/ settings are commonly unavailable to the average users and certainly restricted to access for security issues that may arise. Such jeopardies include losing the device warranty, bricking the device while rooting and losing the device carrier contract. These are the main points of how to root android you must have an idea about.

Before the root.

These factors are important steps that must be followed before you start any rooting process. These steps are quintessential in ensuring you go through a successful rooting process, they will be your insurance policy to make sure that you don't unintentionally brick your device and make it a dysfunctional fodder. I recommend using 

Initial preparation


  • The device fully charged and powered on.
  • Back up device data.
  • Toggle on USB Debugging and unlock OEM.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Allow download and installation from unknown sources.

Pros of Rooting 

Being able to move apps that were unalterable before from system storage to the sd card. 

Install custom recoveries which allows flashing custom ROMs, custom Kernels, Xposed Framework and much more. 

Remove bloatware planted by the device carriers and manufacturers. 

Install the latest Android version despite your device lacking compatible hardware.  

Install custom operating system which allows more optimized usage from your device.

Overclock and underclock the device processor. 

Cons of Rooting

As I said in the start, rooting will null you of device warranty as soon as you tap into your device's bootloader. This includes the carrier contract too if you bought the device on a lease.

There's also room for abnormal behavior if the rooting process isn't done properly. 

Your phone will not be on the automatic google operating system update process anymore because obviously, you wanted full un-adulterated control over your device. So you will need to do it manually.

So be mindful when you are searching for information on how to root android because you never know which part of the process will become hard for you if you actually don't do it. So good luck.