How to root Android - Cool Apps to download after Rooting   

Alex Castro
@alex_castro | Updated 05 Sep. 2019

We are talking about android rooting every day. So what is the main point we have to consider when it comes to the rooting? Exactly, about what is the most suitable rooting tool to your Android smartphone or the tablet. Because the life of the device depends on it.So you have to find the most perfect root tool for it and root it following correct instructions. so now what? Now we can explorer the freedom we got. One of the benefits is downloading cool root apps, right? So today I'm gonna talk about best rooting apps in 2019.

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Best apps to download after Android rooting


This is the number one in my list because it will directly be focused on the battery life enhancement after you rooted the device. It is really effective when it comes to saving battery life by hibernating the background apps and spend less energy on the apps. You can download Greenify completely free from play store.

Titanium Backup

If you want to experience an ultimate backup experience this is the chance. You can download this app also from the play store without spending a penny. It will back up all of your systems, not even a tiny little bit will be left. And just like google backups, you can schedule all of your backups. 

ROM Manager

This is the best apps for ROM lovers. It will give you the list of all the available rooms and you can download those from it. The main benefit is you no don't have to find everywhere for a new ROM if you want an install a one. You don't have waste any more time.

Ad-block plus

If you ever felt those popup advertisements are annoying when you play a game? Yes, Ad-block plus the best app for you. The regular ad-block is also good. But the rooted version of it is more advanced. It will block all the unnecessary advertisements and popups in the system. How convenient is that?


This is an undeniably best-rooted app for the on-device firmware flash. It can flash almost anything to your device such an OTA, ROM, Mod and Kernel. Not to mention that it is a software by Chainfire who was the creator of the CF Auto Root. And the best thing is that it allows you to backup so its not action which can lose all your precious data. And what makes it more special is that it does not need a custom recovery.

Wrap Up

Android rooting is not the end of a process. It's just a beginning. All the fun begins after that. So if download cool root apps are one of your dream this is the best options you should consider about.