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How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock?   

Ana Kinkade Writer
@AnaKinkade | Updated 16 May. 2019

iCloud Lock Removal

Have you ever being through an experience of having an iCloud locked? If you ever did, you might be already familiar with how irritating it is to have a locked iCloud on your iOS device and even more harder to remove that iCloud lock. Especially, you should identify that you will be unable to make any calls, send messages or simply not even log into the device if you have a locked iCloud account on your Apple device despite its actual worth. Therefore, it is important for you to have an idea about how to prepare for an iCloud lock removal even now you do not have that need. So, keep reading this article to the end to learn more info!

iCloud Lock

iCloud Lock can be identified as an advanced protection method used by the Apple manufacture. This iCloud lock can block the way from unknown people getting logged into iOS devices and using them without the permission of their users.

However, later on, iCloud Lock started to create troubles for even its owners where they gradually started looking for iCloud Lock Removal methods. True that Apple manufacture has foreseen the challenges of getting iOS devices stolen or data being used harmfully and created the iCloud Lock to ensure the safety and the privacy of the iOS users. Yet, they have not thought about taking measures to be taken in an emergency situation where iOS users become unable to unlock their own iCloud locks in a normal way.

What is the usual way of unlocking or removing iCloud lock?

iCloud lock possesses mainly two components. One is your Apple ID in which you have created when you purchased the device. The other one is its password. Usually, to remove the iCloud lock you need to provide both apple ID and the password. Yet, if you are mistakenly forgotten either one of the two, you still can remove the iCloud lock by resetting the other missing component. For example, if you forgot the Apple ID, you can reset it by using the password and if you forgot the password, you can reset it by going into the Apple ID.

Instances where iCloud Removal cannot be done in the usual way

There are two main instances where you can not use the usual method of removing or unlocking the iCloud Lock in iOS devices. Especially, that is the main reason why many of the iPhone users are looking for ways of iCloud Lock Removal methods.

When you purchase an iOS device which already has an iCloud lock inside it and when you can not provide its Apple Id and the password because you do not know them.

When you mistakenly forgot both Apple ID and the password of your iOS device.

iCloud Lock Removal methods

Here are a few famous iCloud Lock Removal Methods that you can use.

Asking the previous owner to remove the iCloud lock

If you are a second-hand user and found an iCloud lock in it, the easiest method is to contact the previous user and ask him to unlock the iCloud lock for you!

Using the DNS method

If you can not do the iCloud lock removal by asking the previous owner, then you can use this method though it is not very much reliable. However, this will be able to remove the iCloud lock for free.

Using online and offline iCloud lock removal services 

This method is the most experienced and popular method of iCloud removal. If you search the web, there are many of the online and offline iCloud removal services on the web that you can use. For example, iPhone IMEI net, Official iCloud Unlock, Doulci iCloud unlock can be identified here.

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