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How to open new Demat Account in Zerodha?   

Raj Sinha
@raj.sinha | Updated 19 May. 2019

Raj Sinha
@raj.sinha | Posted 18 May. 2019

There are numerous reasons to choose Zerodha:

  • Fastest Growing Stock/Mutual Fund Broker in India

Zerodha is the fastest growing discount broker in India. As of 2019, Zerodha is the largest retail stock broker in India by active client base, and contributes upwards of 10% of daily retail volumes across Indian stock exchanges.

  • Cheapest Share broker in India

Nothing can be more cheaper than Trading for Free. Zerodha has made trading in Equity Delivery completely free. For Intraday trades, they charge 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order; whichever is lower. This is ten times more cheaper than any other broker. No minimum brokerage, no software charges and no minimum amount balance required to open an account in Zerodha.

  • Trading Margins for Intraday & Future

For Intraday trades, Zerodha gives 5 times exposure for most of the stocks. 5–20 times margin is allowed for stocks that are traded in F&O.

With Cover Orders (CO) & Bracket Orders (BO), clients can get upto 33x margin depending upon stop loss limit.

  • Awesome Customer Support

They have excellent customer support over phone, email & onsite feedback by posting your queries and you get feedback on it.

You can open your account with Zerodha online within half an hour following some simple steps which I am about to discuss.

Account Opening Charges: The account opening fee is Rs. 300 for an Equity Trading and DEMAT Account & Mutual Fund Account and Rs. 200 for a Commodity Account. You can choose both of them at same time by paying Rs 500.

All you need is scanned copy of:

(i) Aadhaar Card No

(ii) PAN Card No

(iii) 1 cancelled Cheque (It should contain your name, IFSC Code, MICR No). Else you can you use latest Bank Account Statement.

(iv) Your Signature on a piece of paper

(v) To enable Futures and Options segment, either one of the following is to be kept ready:

A copy of your latest 6 month Bank Statement or Passbook OR

A Copy of your form 16 OR

A copy of your Networth Certificate OR

A copy of your last salary slip OR

A copy of your latest ITR acknowledgement

Now lets get started & open the Zerodha Account:

1. Click here to go to the account opening page. Open an online trading and demat account with Zerodha and enjoy the lowest brokerage .

2. After doing so, you need to fill up your details like Name, Mobile number (NOTE: Your Aadhaar should be linked to this mobile no if you want to open the account online. For offline, you can give any mobile no) and email id & then click on CONTINUE TO SIGNUP.

3. Click on CONTINUE TO SIGNUP. Then, you will receive a mail on the e-mail id entered by you to reset your password.

You will need to click on “Click here” to set your password. Choose a strong password with a combination of alphabets, numbers & symbols.

4. Now after, That You need to Fill up your PAN details and Date of Birth, You need to check mark the box, for confirming PAN details.

5. Then in Step 1, you will be asked to opt your Trading choices, If you are new to stock market you can simply choose Equity and Currency option (300 ₹ ) as I have done so. But, if you want to trade commodities as well then select that option too.

6. Then, you will asked to pay the amount for opening a Trading account with Zerodha. Pay the amount from your preferred payment method (Card/ Netbanking/ Wallet).

7. After payment, you will receive you will see Congratulations message displayed on screen. Below that you need to fill up more details as shown in below picture.

First you will have to fill up Bank Details (Branch’s IFSC, Bank Account No)

Then below that you will have to fill up Background Info (Mother’s first name, mother’s last name, marital status, occupation etc). After filling, you should tick all the 3 boxes below & click on CONTINUE.

8. A new page will open where you will see the option of “Instant Account Opening with Aadhaar”. If you do not have a digilocker account, you need to create it first by clicking on the link mentioned there (shown in image below).

A new page like this(image below) will open. There you will have to register by entering your mobile no & verifying OTP.

Then you need to set your username & password.

After that you need to link your Aadhaar by quoting Aadhaar no verifying with OTP (OTP will come in no registered with Aadhaar).

Thats it your DigiLocker account will be created. Now you need to return to the previous tab where you were opening Zerodha Account.

Tick both the boxes & then click on LINK YOUR DIGILOCKER WITH ZERODHA.

9. A pop up will appear where you need to sign in to your DigiLocker account by entering username & password. (Do not forget to tick the box “I allow DigiLocker to share my documents with Zerodha….”)

Select your Aadhaar Card from there.

After that you need to again click on LINK YOUR DIGILOCKER WITH ZERODHA.

10. A new screen will come displaying “Let’s finish the application”.

Below that you have to again fill up some details like Marital status, Father’s first name, Father’s last name etc. You will again need to fill up Bank Account & Background Info although you had already filled up the same in previous pages.

Tick the 3 boxes & click on CONTINUE.

11. Next is IPV Verification over webcam/phone.

You should write down your OTP shown on screen on a piece of paper or receive it on your smartphone by clicking on the link on the page(Step 1)

Then hold the piece of paper/ mobile phone with the code infront of your mobile phone/ webcam. (As shown in image below).

Click on Start IPV. Then click on Take Video. Then click on SAVE IPV.

12. Now you will have the option to either Digitally sign the application with Aadhaar (mobile OTP) or else print & courier it. I will suggest you to select Aadhaar Option.

13. Now you need to upload the scanned copy of the documents: Bank Account Proof, Signature, PAN (Note: Format of PAN scan should be jpg/jpeg ie it should be an image format. Rest all can be pdf format). Income Proof is optional & only required if you want to trade Futures & Options.

14. Now is the time to eSign. If you had opened only Equity account, you will have to only eSign Equity. Click on eSign Equity.

A popup will display. You can proceed with Google+ or through email where you will have to verify OTP sent to your registered mail.

Then a popup will appear. You have to tick on the box (I agree to do eKYC…) & click proceed to eSign.You will be then redirected to NSDL website where you will have to enter your Aadhaar No & then verify OTP. (Do not forget to tick the box: I hereby…).

Then you have to click Sign Now.

The again the same NSDL website will re-appear. You will again have to enter Aadhaar No & verify OTP.

15. You are almost done. Now you will have to download the Demat POA form, fill it up & send it to the address mentioned there.

Thanks for your patience for going through my lengthy post.

So go ahead and open your account at Zerodha.

I hope you liked the above article, if any queries, you can always comment below.