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How to Install Cydia?   

Updated 04 Jan. 2019

Magdalene Russel
@magdalenerussel19780929 | Updated 03 Jan. 2019

How to install Cydia? - The ultimate iOS jailbreak guide 2019

The Apple fans have gone through the word Cydia frequently when searching for its latest information. If they do not have an iDevice, but just searching on its due to their desire on it, they may not be able to identify the role and functions of it in the iPhone they dreamed. This guide is definitely for their reference to make a decision without a doubt. Actually, even though Cydia is an unforgettable name with iDevices, it is not a product of the tech giant. Unfortunately, they are not successful in preventing its usage in their expensive devices. The truth is, they really hate this system. This is due to the harmful effect on their original OS versions due to the modifications made to have so-called application store. You may not understand this at once. Hence, I thought of giving some information on how to install Cydia into an iOS device.

How to install Cydia without a jailbroken platform?

First of all, I like to inform you, it is better to engage until the end of the content to clarify all the unclear points in this fact. Downloading Cydia is not the same as getting an app through the Google Play Store for your smartphone. There are, some specific steps you must try. The first and important thing is the jailbreaking your iOS. But, this is not possible always. There should have a tool to do this which is made by using a specific exploit inside your OS. If you choose this way, you have to wait until finishing all the studies on exploits and releasing a tool. However, you can have a try with in this situation. It is a general platform that allows you to have Cydia for any Apple OS.

But, keep in mind, there also may have some compatibility issues by preventing you to have Cydia download. In this incidence, you have no choice other than the iOS jailbreak.

How to install Cydia for iOS 12 or its variant?

Yes! Ultimately, now you know the basic requirements to have a Cydia for iDevice. As a newbie or an Apple fan, there is one more important thing to know. This is a fact regarding the newest pretty and fastest iOS ever by the tech giant. They have released this few months back. And also, they have taken all the necessary actions to prevent downloading Cydia into it. For that, they have conducted a series of beta testing with regular patching. Now they have almost four varieties of this major firmware. But unfortunately, the security researchers could not be able to design a cracking tool for any of these up to now. Recently, they have tried to generate a general jailbreaking platform named JailbreakMe Unified. However, still, there is no exact solution for this.

The last lines

Even though there are millions of iDevice users worldwide, they have no clear idea on how to install Cydia. Hence, we tried our best to give details regard g for them as well as for newbie.