How to Download Cydia using Cydia Cloud   

Lydia Smith Freelancer and tech blogger
@lydia_kSmith | Posted 11 Jul. 2019

What is Cydia cloud and how to download Cydia with it?

Lydia Smith Freelancer and tech blogger
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 11 Jul. 2019

Apple users jailbreak their iOS devices to take authority over the device by themselves. They want the liberty to customize their iPhones or iPads as they wish. So this critical jailbreaking is done for self-satisfaction. But without Cydia, it is just an imagination. That's why most of the jailbreaking tools download Cydia as a part of the jailbreak mechanism. But now the situation has been changed. Cydia is starting to fall as per some opinion. But for me, I guess it's at the peak. Because now people discovering new methods to download Cydia even without Jailbreak.

What is Cydia Cloud?

It is the best solution for the situation. As you all know after unv0ver and Chimera for iOS 12 there isn't any kind proper jailbreak tool. People frustrated without Cydia because they used to it. Cydia cloud can be considered as an online jailbreak tool which allows you to download Cydia without actually jailbreak the device. The device is also will be valid even after you download it. Hence it does not consider the iOS version as well. You can download it to any iOS.

How to download Cydia

  • Launch the Safari browser
  • Click the link -
  • You will directly navigate to the official webpage
  • You will be able to see the download button.
  • Click it and the application will be downloaded to your device.
  • It will check the compatibility of the device before start the download.
  • If it is compatible you can move on.
  • At the end of the jailbreaking, you will see an "Add to Home Screen" button. Click it.
  • Go to the settings on the device and install it again by clicking the install button.
  • Now it will ask you the passcode, enter the passcode to continue.
  • Click the install button again one last time and it's done.
  • Check the home screen and you will see the Cydia icon installed in the device.


Even Apple released its newest iOS lately it also did not provide the freedom that users required. That's is the main reason. There are few alternatives are available now for this amazing app store. As an example, there is this new app store called Sileo and it is also the default app store for some jailbreak tools like Chimera. This considers as the best alternative for the Cydia but it's in the testing stage yet. So many people still choose the Cydia among all of those. However, this is not to free download. You have to buy the membership and they will give you a passcode. You have to enter it in the download process. But you will think it's worthy because it will last or a lifetime.