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How to choose a home inspector?   

Updated 06 Mar. 2019

Pacific Crest Inspections Home Inspection
@paccrestinspections | Posted 06 Mar. 2019

Buying a home will likely be the largest investment you will ever make. Consequently, it is very important to choose wisely when selecting your Home Inspector. The first question is are you a licensed Washington State Home Inspector? Second questions would be what additional licenses or certification do you have? Is the inspector a Certified Member of ASHI® (American Society of Home Inspectors)? ASHI and NAHI are the only nationally recognized Professional Associations for Home Inspectors that require proctored testing, peer reviews, continuing education, extensive cross training in all of the homes mechanical and structural components, and the completion of 250 Whole House Inspections prior to becoming a CRI or Certified Member. The ASHI Standards of Practice are recognized by FHA, VA, HUD, the NAR, and Court System through North America as the legal definition of what a Home Inspection does and does not include. A house is made of many different components and systems that are all inter-related and are all supposed to work together. Many of these are hidden from view, and cannot be directly viewed. It is important to choose an inspector who has the education and quality systems to inspect your home from the ground up, and has been involved in the installation and layout of these systems. Home inspection Skagit