General Update Iphone Iphone 12.2

Has anyone downloaded ios 12.2 updates? what are the new features?   

Stephanie Talley keen on Technology
@Stephanie | Updated 28 Mar. 2019

Lydia Smith Freelancer and tech blogger
@lydia_kSmith | Updated 27 Mar. 2019

Enjoy the better mobile experience with iOS 12.2

As the last update iOS 12.1.3 was a bit troublesome. There was a well-known glitch that happens when using group facetime was allowed callers to automatically make the recipient device answer. The recipient might not know that the phone was already answered. Another problem was is users could not connect to the network through mobile data. Only Wi-Fi. This was a vastly spread problem. The good news is they tried to fix those bugs with this new release. But who knows? With past matters are solved the new might arise. So hopefully it is better you keep backup your mobile data often.

New Features of iOS 12.2 is amazing

The upgraded version of  "Siri" - There is a new Airpod setup screen for new second generation Airpods. You can use Siri without even touch the phone by using this. You better buy new ones soon. Not only that now Siri has the ability to work with your Apple TV also. You can ask to play any video, music, movie, TV show, game show or any channel. Just try "Hey Siri, play Free Solo on my TV." It also happens to have the inline music gallery. So you don't have to go all the way through "Open Music" button. 

There are Animoji - There are 4 animojies. They are animation but yet emojies. You can select from bear, giraffe, shark, and an owl. Use this to facetime and messages to have a lot of fun.

Apple News+ Subscription Service - Subscribing the News+ they will deduct you $9.99 per month but its totally worthy. You can read magazines and newspapers around 3000. Including Bon Appé*****, National Geographic, The Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and ELLE.

Apple Maps - As a new feature they add AQI (air quality index) for the area that you search in the map. Before it was in the weather app but now you can have it in maps. So you have to toggle settings before using it. If you bothered by weather settings you can get rid of that also by bottom right weather condition icon.

Upgraded safari - It prevents sites from collecting motion data by turn off the new setting that was included called "Motion and orientation access". When you do a web search the new blue arrows that appear with suggestions will fill the search bar by just tapping it. It helps you to narrow the search down. The security protocols were even more stricken. Whenever you visit only uses HTTP, it will warn you. Login to the websites was also been easier because right after you Autofill the text bars, it will log you right away without tapping login.