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Who is the Winner of Miss Earth 2018 Competition?   

Updated 14 Mar. 2019

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@webscare | Posted 13 Mar. 2019

Every year, different contests about beauty pageants held at several parts of an Earth, which is known to be the common activity of the modern era. Some of the contestants held for spreading awareness of issues that the world is facing such as global warming; however, the other held to represent the beauty of different participants. The Miss Earth competition was first started in 2001 which is also called International Environmental Event, and its motto is to use the beauty pageant entertainment industry as a mean of promoting the awareness of the environment. The competition takes place in different cities of the world every year, and the winner gets the crown that is created by Ramona Haar.

Things Required for Becoming Miss Earth

As per the details given by the pageant’s website, the contestants of Miss Earth should know about environmental conditions. Its winners are expected to be involved in environmental protection activities such as eco-fashion shows, planting trees and coastal cleanups.

This year Nguуễn Phương Khánh has been appointed as a winnerof Miss Earth Competition 2018, which was held in Phillippines; she is also the first ever woman from Vietnam who is entitled with this award. She is well known for her super adorable and advocate personality for reforestation and marriage equality. The event summed up a lot of beauties from all across the world over the years, and several contestants have claimed the title.

The winner of the competition is labeled with a name of Miss Earth; however, they also name its runners-up after the other elements like Miss Air to the first runner-up (which basically comes second in the competition) Miss Water to the second runner-up and Miss Fire to the third. The event always takes place in the Philippines; however, it was only organized for the one time in Vietnam in 2010.