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Which is the best accounting software for a small restaurant?   

Updated 15 Feb. 2019

Sofia Kazmi
@SofiaKazmi | Posted 14 Feb. 2019

The best Accounting software for a small restaurant is SlickAccount. It is a cloud-based software which makes it easily accessible from anywhere. It is specially designed for small & medium sized businesses, It is best for your business because of it’s a feature,

  • GST enabled invoicing & billing
  • POS mode billing & barcode scanning
  • Income & expense management
  • All business reports
  • Bank integration & reconciliation
  • Purchase order & warehouse management
  • Simple Inventory management
  • Multi-user facility
  • Invoice tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Financial Management & many more.

SlickAccount provides trial session and most of the time they provide many offers for their new customers. You can sign up here and explore for more details.