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Which is the Best French Radio Station in Canada?   

Updated 31 May. 2019

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@webscare | Posted 30 May. 2019

CHOI 98.1 FM Radio X is known as French-Canadian Radio channel. Music and talk shows are the formats of the show of this FM radio channel. It operates on 98.1 MHz FM and broadcasts in the region of Quebec City, Canada. The network and its sibling CHXX are owned by Genex Communications since July 1996. It was sold to RNC Media by Genex on 20 October 2006, and now it is owned by RNC Media. 

The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement ranked the station as the most popular radio channel in Quebec City in Dec 2004 with 443100 listeners. The radio network is popular for airing disputable opinions and ideas of a politician who only support well-known policies. The network attained the concentration of big groups, especially ***** and feminist activists. Many famous politicians also started to take an interest in its controversial debates. 

It rivals with other famous radio channels: CKCV-FM, CBV-FM, CHIK-FM, CBVE-FM, CHXX-FM, CBV-FM and ICI Premiere. 

Jeff Fillion was known as the most popular host on the radio. He was a host in every weekday’s mornings with his program: Jeff’s Parallel World (Le Monde Parallele de Jeff). His remarkable ideas and discussions made the network most famous controversial radio channel. Denis replaced his after his resignation and carried on hosting his morning show. Listen Online CHOI FM 98.1 Streaming here. 

Gilles Parent joined the team in the year 2001. He spoke earlier at CHIK-FM that it is the competitor of CHOI. After joining CHOI, he began to host the show Le Retour de Gilles Parent every afternoon of the weekday. 

Genex Communications owned the network since July 1996, but later RNC media purchased it from Genex. After getting ownership of RNC on 20 October 2006, it flipped its format into Rock Music. It was then recognized as the only French-language channel in Canada to telecast rock music. But after that in 2010, it reverted back to its talk radio format.