Which is the Best Christian Radio in Africa?   

Posted 13 Jul. 2019

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@webscare | Posted 13 Jul. 2019

RCCG Radio is known as a Christian radio network that is only available on the internet. The internet radio telecasts from Nigeria, Gulf of Guinea, Africa. It delivers the best contemporary gospel music in its programming. Its shows are considered as the source of inspiration in all across the globe; an inspiration which never stops. The channel also presents Gospel entertaining programs, life-transforming as well as interactive programs. The shows of RCCG Radio help spread the message of Anointed men and women of God. It delivers non-stop live streaming on its official website. You can see that all of its transmission is centered on Christ. Even its name stands for Redeemed Christian Church of God. 

The official launch date of the radio is December 2013, but it actually started its transmission on Dec 25, 2014.  

The online radio channel uses English as its official language. Here we have mentioned some of the good shows along with their presenters:

Fire in My Bones and Heaven or ***** is known to be the best ones in the list

Many sermons and lectures are being delivered by Pastor Emmanuel Abraham. One of those sermons is “Holy Ghost Service.”

Another famous sermon is Swimming in Glory 6 – Holy Communion Service. You can also get it on the official YouTube channel of the network. 

Lord, I Want to Become a Christian is an online show which is hosted by Sam Levine; it is an inspirational program.

Another inspirational show is hosted by Pastor Peter Amenkkhienan; its name is ‘the World is Waiting for You.’ 

Tell ‘Em is being presented by The Worship Crew. Listen Online Streaming of RCCG Radio Nigeria here. 

Whatcha Lookin’ 4 is delivered by Kirk Franklin and The Family.

You can follow RCCG on twitter here: @rccgradio

The google play store link of the RCCG Radio’s mobile app is:

And for the official website, visit this: