Which Radio Station in Afghanistan Describes Islam Best   

Posted 11 Sep. 2019

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@webscare | Posted 11 Sep. 2019

Taleem Ul Quran FM 92.9 Radio is known to be an Afghan Islamic Radio network which provides information related to Islam and educates the Afghan people according to Islam’s teachings. The radio offers transmission during the day; plus you can visit its official web-page too. So, people can listen to the live streaming of this radio on the internet as well as reach to the articles about their radio. The frequency on which it operates is 92.9 MHz.  

Afghanistan is one of the Muslims countries, and a large number of its population is illiterate and uneducated. So this Radio Taleem Ul Quran, which is the second emerging station among the masses of Afghanistan, helps them to understand Islam. Different Islamic scholars connect with the Afghan community through this radio. It is a medium of Islamic knowledge and listeners can listen to online Tilawat e Quran on this channel. They telecast different shows related to Ramadan during Ramadan which include the stuff like what are the commandments about zakat, fast and all.

The primary mission of the channel is to spread the voice of Islam to the entire world. They telecast in both English and Arabic language for the world and Afghanistan Pashtu. This channel contains a committee which is highly educated and knows well about Islam. It mainly broadcasts for all Muslim community of Afghanistan and the whole world irrespective of race, gender discrimination, political persuasion, and language.Listen Live Streaming of Taleem Ul Quran Radio 92.9 here. 

The network’s primary mission is to deliver the voice of Islam in all around the globe. They use Arabic and English language for transmission in the entire world; however, for Afghanistan, they use Pashto. This radio contains a highly skilled committee and educated, and they know very well about the teachings of Islam.

It airs different kinds of Islamic shows. This network covers almost every prospect of life as per the Islamic teachings.