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Which News Channel Provides Good Signal Strength in Alabama?   

Updated 17 Feb. 2019

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@webscare | Posted 16 Feb. 2019

Fox 10 News aka WALA news is known to be a Fox affiliate station (as its name suggests and branded as Fox 10. The service operates in Pensacola, FL and Meredith Corporation owns it. Its studios are places at Satchel Paige Drive; however, its transmitter is installed in Spanish Fort, Alabama; though it has been licensed to Mobile, AL.

It also has a secondary studio, that is situated in Executive Plaza Drive in Pensacola. It also manages a Weather Now station (a local 240hours weather news service) that carried down digitally by Cox Communications Channel 698.

WALA’s history linked to 14 January 1953, when a 2nd TV station was established by W.O Pape in Mobile; the first one was WKAB-TV set up on 30 December 1952 telecasting on UHF Ch. 48 but it could not broadcast for so long and gradually terminate on 1 August 1954. Though, currently the oldest living Television service in the market is without any doubt a Fox 10 News; it shared at that time, the programming of all big four that include DuMont, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

In 1964, Pape gave it to Roywood Corporation and right after five years in 1969 Roywood further released it to Universal Communications Corporation. Over the years, the network was, of course, a leader with respect to ratings, plus it received the strongest syndicated transmission among three services in the market. Watch Wala Fox 10 News Alabama Live Streaming here.

The other strength of the network is Storing Local-news department, and it is still maintaining it the day today, even though it moved from NBC to Fox. Later in 1986, Gannet Company bought the WALA Fox 10 News service from Universal Communications, but they could only take it for one month because of some strict rules provided by Federal Communications Commission. Knight Ridder Broadcasting purchased the station on 19 Feb 1986, which then further sold it in 1989 to Burnham Broadcasting.