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Updated 30 Dec. 2018

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KSCI also known as LA-18 is the non-affiliated network which is owned by NRJ TV LLC; it is based in Los Angeles. The studios of channel 18 are situated on South Bundy Drive in West Los Angeles, and it is licensed to Long Beach. Its transmitter location is Mount Harvard. The programming of the network is carried out by the satellites KSKJ-CD and KSKT-CD in Van Nuys and San Marcos in Channel 45 and Channel 43 respectively. In July 2017, the identity of LA-18 was changed from a multicultural network to broadcasting infomercials.

The broadcasting slot of the station was being taken by KCHU-TV owned by San Bernardino Sun-Telegram situated in San Bernardino previously, which became online on 1 August 1962; the network telecasts at Channel 18. KSCI programmed the first show on 30 June 1977 from West Los Angeles studios; however, San Bernardino still holds the license. At that time, the channel was owned by the Transcendental Meditation movement. It would telecast news transmission, pre-recorded lectures, and programs with Transcendental Meditation Celebrities. The station manager was Mark Fleischer at that time as siblings were planned for San Francisco and Washington D.C. Watch KSCI Los Angeles LA-18 Live Streaming here.

Initially began as a non-profit entity, the network in 1980 transformed into a commercial channel and secured one million US dollars on revenues of 8 million US dollars in 1985. In November 1985, they gave a loan of amount 350,000 dollars to Maharishi International University. By the mid of 1986, it became a multilingual station that would telecast in fourteen different languages. The General Manager of the Channel 18 took it for 40.5 million dollars along with an investor.
The Price is Right, The 700 Club, Rock the Park, The Bold and Beautiful, The Young and Restless, Medium, Touched by an Angel, Airfryer Oven, Judge Judy, Goodbye Dark Spots!, Outback Adventures with Time Faulkner, The Verdict with Judge Hatchett are some of its famous shows.