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Updated 08 Jan. 2019

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KAMU is known to be a PBS affiliate TV channel located in College Station, TX. The network is owned by Texas A&M University. However, the studio location of the channel is Moore Communication Center on College     Campus. It also provides its services to Temple/Waco/Bryan College network and Killen market as PBS station. It was established in 1970, and they broadcasted the first show on Jan 15, 1970. Its call signs reflect the meaning “Texas A&M University.”

Channel 12 carries community shows and educational programs.

On Feb 15, 1970, the network marked its first live transmission and named as central Texas’ first educational channel. Later, on April 1, 2003, right after 33 years, it started to broadcast in HDTV, and its first live HDTV transmission was telecasted on April 22, 2004. The name of the first HDTV live show was Meet the Candidates 2004. On June 12, 2009, it changed into digital transmission. It presented the services of sub-station 12.3 to Research Network that services were terminated in Aug 2010. On Feb 27, 2018, KNCT was ordered to terminate because of budgetary issues as response to the vote of Central Texas College. Thus they shut it down on Aug 31, 2018, officially and KAMU-TV became the only member station of PBS in the market.Watch Live Streaming of KAMU-TV Texas here.

KAMU-TV presents all types of shows which include documentary, talk shows, news transmission, plus the larger part of kids’ animated series.

Old Squad

Old Squad is known to be a high-rated educational series of children in which they tackle different problems with the help of math skills. The show entirely focuses on an organization run by a bunch of children.

Nightly Business Report

It is a news program based on the reports about the changes in the stocks, indices and stock market. The show conducts interviews with CEO of different major companies; they even conduct interviews with other business personalities.