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What would be the best time to visit Jaipur?   

Fourdy Network
@fourdynetwork | Posted 12 Dec. 2018

Nisha Singh
@nisha_singh | Posted 12 Dec. 2018

Locals and travel professionals advise November to February as the best time to travel to Rajasthan. However the land of kings has different moods in all seasons and all the seasons have their own charm. You can visit this state anytime of the year and enjoy its delight.Jaipur has a very hot and dry desert climate. During the summer months from April to June, temperatures hover around 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) but can easily exceed this. Monsoon rain is received, mostly in July and August. However, daytime temperatures still remain above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). The most pleasant time to visit Jaipur is during the winter, from November until March. Winter temperatures average 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). Nights can be very chilly though, with temperatures dropping to 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit) in January. Click here to know other important things to keep in mind when travelling Jaipur.