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What is the importance of WebP images?   

Ana Kinkade Writer
@AnaKinkade | Updated 16 May. 2019

PNG to WebP

PNG and WebP are popular image formats on the web. Especially, WebP can be shown as an image format that was introduced by Google in 2010. Therefore, even many ordinary people have not heard about this image format, a lot of experts in the digital world tend to use this WebP image format for their works. So, it is a more common situation for them to convert different image formats into WebP. However, in this article, we will pay more concern and discuss the conversion of PNG files to WebP format only.

What is the importance of WebP images?

PNG is also a very good format that can be used on the web. Yet, why do some people convert PNG files into WebP, if that is good enough as said earlier? Therefore, here you can understand that there is something special or unique with WebP so as for people to convert them to WebP, right? Let us find about that now!

Actually, what makes WebP important is both of its performance and as well as its features. Especially, unlike PNG, it can support both lossy and lossless compression. Thus, it can give out an image of a smaller size and when it is compared with a PNG format, its size is 25% smaller than a PNG file.

However, how much WebP reduces the size of an image, it will not reduce the quality of the image by any case. Also, its transparency and animation are very high than PNG images.

Conversion of PNG to WebP

As a WebP is one of the latest image formats, your images cannot be directly saved as WebP images on a computer or in a mobile device. Therefore, to get a WebP image, you need to convert a PNG image to a WebP image by using an image converter.

There, you can identify that there are many online and as well as offline image converters that can be used to convert PNG images to WebP images.

Let us go through some of such image converters now!


From this, you can export any PNG resource in a document to WebP format. Only you have to do is to select a resource and open the export panel. Then, by choosing WebP in the drop down and by clicking on the export bitmap, you can convert any PNG file to WebP.


Everyone knows that photoshop is famous for photo editing. However, it can also convert PNG files to WebP files yet not as efficient as Sketch can do.

However, you need to have a plugin on Photoshop to convert PNG files WebP. From the Telegraphic site, you can easily get the plugin that will match with your device and after installing it, you can convert PNG files to WebP and save as WebP files too.


Cloudinary is one of the online image converters. So, here you need to upload the image only and it will optimize your image and convert it to a WebP one.

This is also another online image converter that can be used to convert PNG images to WebP.

This is about PNG to WebP. Hope you found this article interesting!

Frank Curtis
@frankcurtis | Posted 07 May. 2019

WebP is an emerging image format put out by Google. It's designed to use a more aggressive and better optimized compression algorithm than JPG and PNG with the objective of reducing file sizes with minimal quality loss. And that means faster websites consuming less bandwidth.

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