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What is the difference between TMT Bars and HYSD Bars? Which is the better one?   

Shree Ji
@shreejisteelscorp | Updated 15 Dec. 2018

Shree Ji
@shreejisteelscorp | Posted 15 Dec. 2018

High Yielding Strength Deformed Bars also more widely known as HYSD Bars, the name signifies the most important quality of the Bars defining its high yield strength. Thermo Mechanically Treated bar, are more commonly known as TMT Bars, the name signifies the process in which the Bars are produced. HYSD Bars have more yield strength, but are prone to deformations when compared to TMT steel Bars.TMT Steel Bars are stronger than Mild Steel and HYSD Bars.

HYSD or High yielding strength deformed Bars were introduced for reinforcing heavy structure scale construction. TMT Bars are better when compared to HYSD Bars. TMT Bars are better in Fire resistance, Corrosion Resistance, High Dimension Tolerance, Weldability and most importantly Bendability.

TMT Bars are better because:

  • TMT Bars do not cause surface flaws when compared with HYSD Bars, because the manufacturing process in the TMT Bars does not involve twisting or Torsional stress.
  • TMT Bars have low residual stress owing to the better manufacturing process and better tensile strength when compared to HYSD Bars.
  • TMT Bars are effective in earthquake-prone zone and cope better with sudden increase in load and absorption when compared to HYSD Bars.
  • HYSD Bars have lower resistance to corrosion when compared to TMT Bars, this is mainly due to rapid quenching and tempering used in TMT bar manufacturing process.
  • When compared with TMT Bars, HYSD Bars increase the consumption of steel by 8% to 11% when used in the same construction.
  • TMT Bars come with a stronger external layer, something which is missing in HYSD due to ductile nature of the core and hard crystalline surface of TMT steel.
  • When compared with TMT Bars, HYSD Bars cannot provide flexibility and ductility, thus limiting their use in different types of construction works.

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