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What is the best way to market on Facebook?   

Fourdy Network
@fourdynetwork | Updated 03 Jan. 2019

Nikita Agarwal
@nikita_agarwal | Posted 02 Jan. 2019

Here are some tips to market on facebook -

  1. Don't use Facebook for the 'hard sell'
  2. Have a clear goal and strategy
  3. Create a human voice for your business
  4. Post regularly
  5. Encourage comments and reply quickly
  6. Use pictures and videos
  7. Work on interesting or creative catchphrases or hashtags
  8. Nurture your relationships but find the balance
  9. Promote your Facebook page
  10. Play with the ad types
  11. Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your customers
  12. Run contests
  13. Smart Campaigns


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