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What is the Least Corrupt Nation in the World?   

Updated 26 Mar. 2019

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@webscare | Posted 25 Mar. 2019

As per the report of’s corruption index, most of the nations from all around the world are not taking any kind of proper measures for the eradication of corruption. There is either very little or even no progress at all on improving corruption. The journalists and activists are at considerable risks in such nations.

The index put more than 180 nations and states in the list. The corruption at public sector level can be analyzed through the views of businesspeople and experts. Nations were ranked on a scale of 0 to 10 in the index. 0 represents the highest level of corruption whereas 100 is known to be the least level of corruption. As per the recent research, many of the countries rank below 50; but average rank is 43.

According to the list of scores, Denmark and New Zealand are known to be the two among countries among least corrupt nations in the world. Denmark has 89 score, and New Zealand has 89. Western Europe is the best region with respect to a corruption-free country; however, East Europe, Central Asia, and Sub Saharan Africa are the worst.

New Zealand ranks first in the list of the year 2018 with a score of 89; of course, it is the highest one in the list. The main reason why corruption is very less in New Zealand is that they involve the public in their decision makings. Plus, media and Judiciary have freedom of Speech. Both these things let the public keep in touch with the activities and identify where things get wrong. Country’s integrity system is powerful.

We see that media and activists play an essential role in the eradication of corruption of any country. Both activists and media are important for the fight against illegal activities in the nation. So there are several measures that the government of a certain country can take to stop the unlawful activities.