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@webscare | Updated 10 May. 2019

KOST is known to be one of the leading radio channels in California, whose central broadcasting point is situated in Los Angeles. iHeartMedia owns the network which is well-known for telecasting up-to-the-minute news. iHeartMedia also operates different other radios located in West Olive Avenue at the same place. The epicenter of all broadcasting actions in California is the Burbank. Its transmitter is located in Mount Wilson, where the transmitters of most of the other radio stations are also situated.  

All the radios in the areas including KOST as well are considered to be the superpowers because of consistent and high-frequency signals strength. They are termed as Class B FM channels to compete for the radiation power which is according to the US Federal Communications Commission’s standards. Every channel that is placed at the top of Mount Wilson works under the Class B FM networks. 

The development of the channel started in October 1956 when they set up the first equipment under KGLA name.  Gordon McLendon who was the famous RJ was the owner of the channel for the most part of the fifties and sixties where he flipped the name of the station into KADS; the change was happened to be in 1966. McLendon required permission from FCC to practice general advertisement technique. That time, the network was unique and indifferent because of the call-signs. Listen Live Streaming of KOST FM 103.9 here. 

It had one distinctive feature which was that the public could buy preferred commercials via KADS. Before the sixties, a free choice on commercials was not a choice, but it existed later when McLendon developed KADS. 

The Los Angeles network was established on the basis of news telecasting. With the time they changed the objective of focusing specific audience and started to target adults. Airing soft, beautiful and adult contemporary music was meant to attract the people above thirty-five years.