General wedding ring Wearing Mens Jewellery

What do you think about men wearing men's jewellery?   

Fourdy Network
@fourdynetwork | Updated 25 Jan. 2019

Prakash Dubey
@Prakashdubey | Posted 25 Jan. 2019

Jewelry is something cool not only for women but men too. Wearing long golden chains, bracelets, rings besides a wedding ring is a new trend among men.

Paracord bracelets are the new moment for the men and are the latest trend in the market. Adventurous men would love paracord bracelet because it exudes style and elegance besides offering function.

There are men who wear multiple rings on their hand with confidence especially bikers. Skull rings made of sterling silver adds to their bold nature. Flaunting the diamond ring is the new fashion frenzy among men.

Wearing long chains and pendants are popularised by the Jay Z. You will find him with the pile of gold chain around his neck. He also rocked a Gold Celine ID Bracelet and brought out the Good Music/Kanye West Jesus Piece. Not only long chains but bold and elegant pendants for men too are high in trend. These days there are a variety of men’s jewelry gift ideas. The most common one being the vintage Jesus Christ crucifix cross pendant’ and head pendants (horse head or lion head). How can one forget the sentimental pendant (engraved with the dog’s name) worn by Ryan Gosling? It goes with his personality and style.

It is not very easy for everyone to carry out jewelry so easily like celebrities. But you can always try and buy things that will go with your personality and lifestyle.