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What are the uses of structural steel fabricators?   

Shree Ji
@shreejisteelscorp | Updated 20 Dec. 2018

Shree Ji
@shreejisteelscorp | Posted 19 Dec. 2018

Structural Steel is the best kind available and most used by construction engineers, fabricators, architects. The reason being that, fabrication provides strength to the construction and also increases the durability of the structure.

The process of Fabrication involves multiple processes and also requires high degree of knowledge and skill. The process can be summarized as below:-

a.        Ideation- Firstly the steel structures which are to be fabricated are required to be designed.

b.        Cutting- In this process, the fabricator uses various tools like saw, notches, punches, laser, to cut the steel structure as per the design in the first process.

c.         Bending- After having cut the steel structure, the fabricator has to now bend the structure in order to get the desired shape.

d.        Coating- After having got the desired shape of the steel structure, it needs to be coated, which also prevents the structure from rust.

e.        Assembling- After the coating, the structure is sent to the client who then assembles it as per the design.

Features of Structural Steel

Structural Steel provides a lot of features and hence is used widely. Some of the features are:-

a.      Recyclability- It is environment friendly as it is made by recycling the waste or the unused steel structures.

b.      Durability- Structural steel is tensile and resistant to corrosion. It can last for decades as it is very durable.

c.       Resistance- Structural Steel is fire resistant and can withstand various environmental hazards. This is due to the high carbon composition.

d.      Malleability and Ductility- Structural Steel has yet another great advantage, that, it is easy to mould the steel structures into different shapes as required.

e.      Affordability- Structural Steel when compared to other metal is very cost efficient. It is also cheaper to use, as it is made using recycled steel.


Applications of Steel Fabricators

  Some of the most common uses of Structural Steel Fabricators are-

a.      Construction- Owing to the heavy load capacity and rigidity, Structural Steel Fabricators are used in construction making it very durable.

b.      Vehicle Building- It is often used in making vehicle parts as it is very malleable and ductile.


These also find uses in creating tools and machinery parts.



 Apart from being affordable, fabricated steel allows you to create highly durable and long-lasting structures. So, if you are looking for fabrication of various structures for your construction purpose, using structural steel will always be very beneficial.

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