General Security System Types

What are the types of security systems?   

Rochelle Sholar
@rochellesholar | Updated 02 Feb. 2019

There are basically four types of security systems. Visit Security Club to know more about security system. They are Monitored security systems, unmonitored security system, wireless alarm system and electric current home system. The monitored alarm system will alert a call center when the alarm is triggered by suspicious activity, and necessary actions will be taken. The unmonitored security system is the one which makes a loud alarm when it is trigged. This alerts the neighbors and the people nearby. The wireless alarm system is the same the unmonitored system. The only difference is that there are no wires in this alarm. The Electric Current home alarm uses various sensors for its functioning. It is mostly used in homes. They can be installed indoors and windows. They send a beep when they are opened.