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What are the latest trends in web design?   

Nikita Agarwal
@nikita_agarwal | Posted 29 Jan. 2019

Prakash Dubey
@Prakashdubey | Posted 29 Jan. 2019

The latest trend in web designing are as follow-

  1. Broken grid and asymmetrical layout- Broken grid/asymmetrical layouts have a stunning look. This trend will continue in 2019 with more website development company preferring the out-of-box style.
  2. Micro-interactions- In 2019, you will see a smarter and innovative version of the micro-interactions such as scrolling animations and much more on websites to keep the users engaged
  3. More video content- video marketing is the hot trend in 2019. Videos can incredibly boost the ROI besides improving the SEO
  4. Chatbots evolve - With artificial intelligence making a big buzz there is an increasing demand for the chatbot website.
  5. Thumb-friendly navigation- with mobile searches overshooting desktop searches, experts are investigating the thumb movements of the users. The data will be used to design the websites tailored to the thumb.