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What are the best marketing automation companies that include email marketing?   

Updated 19 Apr. 2019

Barsha Gupta
@barsha | Posted 19 Apr. 2019

UnelmaMail is the world's first AI-powered, full-featured, easy to use Email Marketing Automation Platform developed by Unelma Platforms.

1.Email Campaigns :  You can design, schedule and send personalised bulk emails campaigns to your user segments. There are pre existing email templates or you can import your templates and start using them right away. Once your campaign gets delivered you can track Open, Click and Reply rates in real time, at both micro and macro levels. 

2.Automation:Automation in UnelmaMail are If this happens, then that should happen set of rules. They are super simple to setup and are very effective in putting your marketing in an autopilot mode. You can do really interesting things like trigger an action on email open or link click inside email or on reply to email etc.