What are the benefits of Android Root?   

Stella Vakker
@stellavakker | Posted 29 Jul. 2019

Linda Nason
@Linda94 | Updated 29 Jul. 2019

Root or not? Could be a question you still struggle through. Although we get to hear so much of news about Android Root, you may still find many facts unknown. So what is the option? Let us take a complete look at how Android Root comes with famed one-click root apps like Stump Root APK, iRoot, Kingo and more.

A quick look into Android Root

As you already know, manufacturers bring every Android version with something new and exciting to the user. But still, they come locked the internals keeping the user off in various areas. This happens in every operating system and device. And buying a particular device does not make you the real owner of the device. In fact, each and every device comes with certain restrictions making the user no entry.

This is done by the manufacturers to keep the device security untouched by the ordinary user. In fact, every device comes with locked internals to keep everyone out of reach above what they are allowed. But when this is found a reason restricts you from what you are wholly capable through your device, rooting becomes the only solution.

Just as we came through the idea, Android Rooting is about gaining the complete administrative privileges over the stock Android frame. So it is the only way that makes you the real owner of the device by giving all rights inside out. Once rooted, you get root privileges where you can start making your own device going through all the advanced changes and modifications. So rooting is simply gaining all rights to the device where if you get to feel you have no enough features and functions.

About Android root history

By today, 80% of all smartphones run Android. One of the biggest reasons for that is its true customization ability featuring the highest flexibility. And there, Android root has a fair impact supporting the user to expose the true potentials.

Over years Android rooting has developed eventually with support to different devices and firmware. We cannot mention any date or year about when the first device has rooted on Android operating system. But we can clearly see its development over the years being one of the major concerns of the user. And by now, you will find support to root Android on different device models and firmware versions thanks to the contribution of various developers through different root apps.

What are the best rooting tools to get?

For different firmware and devices, you have different root apps. So here we are bringing some of the highlighting rooting tools to trust for the best Superuser privileges.

Stump Root APK

Stump Root APK is a famed one-click root app gives exclusive support through LG handsets. It is totally free to download Stump Root APK and you can directly take the app on your device. The latest Stump root APK version at the moment is v1.2.0.

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Another completely APK solution you can use to root any Android device in one-click approach. The tool is free and now available in the latest v5.


Thanks to the team Mgyun, we find free iRoot tool rights to root any Android with less effort and time. iRoot supports in both PC and APK root download. So you can choose the most supporting tool and proceed through.

Kingo Root

This is another root solution gives both PC and APK support to any Android user. The tool confirms high compatibility rate for many devices and firmware.

What are the major benefits with Android root?

  • Flash custom kernel and Custom firmware on Android
  • Clean out all junk files
  • Powerful automation on Android
  • Get thousands of power apps and downloads to modify the whole performance of the device
  • Get more security tool involved and verify the device security
  • Have full backups and restore safely
  • Update the operating system regularly
  • Get complete permission management rights
  • Boost the complete device performance and many more

About benefits of root your android using Stump Root and more one-click tool

By choosing the most suitable root app, you have more chance to get succeeded. And before you are getting into any tool downloads, verify the compatibility through firmware and device model. For an example we take Stump Root APK, which is exclusively bringing support for LG device root. With Stump Root APK like one-click rooting tools, you have more chance to success. And as there you are choosing the most fitting tool to root your LG device; you can leave all risk aside and have full confidence in the process.

More power comes with more responsibility. So caution is recommended here and make sure you choose the most compatible root tool for your requirement. We could recommend root tools like Stump Root APK under one-click root for the highest success in Superuser through least effort.