What are the advantages of Teflon?   

Posted 04 Sep. 2019

Vonda Chisholm
@vondachisholm | Posted 04 Sep. 2019

Also known as Polytetrafluoroethylene is a type of polymer which is used as a coating for kitchenware and metal surfaces due to its many qualities. Check out here to know more about Teflon coated copper frying pansIt can endure extreme conditions and can increase the durability of a product. Teflon is waterproof as well as heat-proof. It can bear the temperatures of upto 260-degree celsius. It is also immune to many acidic and basic compounds which prevent any breaking or corrosion of the material. Most of all, it is non-sticky and has low friction, which makes it easier to clean and maintain even in the application of grease and stubborn stains.