General DMC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Some Kayaking Tips

What are some tips on kayaking?   

Nisha Singh
@nisha_singh | Updated 24 Jan. 2019

Prakash Dubey
@Prakashdubey | Posted 24 Jan. 2019

Here are some tips on kayaking -

  1. Appropriate dress- Regardless of whether it’s a cold near-winter morning or a hot mid-summer afternoon, dress for the water. For example, if you’d normally wear a wetsuit in those waters, wear one kayaking. If it’s more board shorts appropriate water, a well-fitting swimsuit will suffice.
  2. Invest in water-proof storage cases- There’s nothing that can ruin your kayaking adventure more than coming back to find your expensive smartphone is now water damaged. While press-and-seal storage container will work just fine for your food and wallet, we’d recommend investing in something more sturdy to store your electronics and clothing.
  3. learn rapid safety practices- If you’re going down white waters, we’d highly suggest you touch-up on rapid safety practices from Raft Masters. A quick flip of your kayak can suddenly put you in a life-or-death situation.
  4. Rent if you can - Get a feel for kayaking first before investing in any equipment if you can. Kayak renting services have become more and more popular in the past decade. Be sure you to also rent helmets and life vests in addition to the kayak and paddles.
  5. Know river language- There’s actually a series of hand signals and gestures that help kayakers communicate with each other. After all, rapids can be quite noisy and distracting.
  6. Know paddling style - recommend getting a feel for how you paddle-***** before hitting the water. Simply straddle an armless chair while holding a broomstick or hockey stick, and imagine yourself paddling from side to side. Depending on how you hold paddle and ***** will determine your style.