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What are some of the hidden tourist places in Jaipur that one should visit?   

Nikita Agarwal
@nikita_agarwal | Updated 03 Jan. 2019

Fourdy Network
@fourdynetwork | Posted 03 Jan. 2019

here are some places in Jaipur you won’t find in a guidebook -

Samode Palace- This fort turned palace is well known for its art and architecture. People are attracted to the Sultan Mahal decorated with floral painted walls, ornamented with blue tiles, the carved silver furniture, and a Darbar Hall. The Samode Bagh designed in Mughal “CHAR BAGH” style and the fort of Sheogarh are worth-watching and are the popular tourist’s hotspots.

Kanota dam- The scenic spot is a fabulous romantic gateway for couples especially during monsoons but the crowd would be an obstacle to your romantic serenity. You can visit after monsoons with your partner for solace and a spectacular view of the water gushing out of the dam flanked by the Aravali Hills.

Chandlai Lake- Visit here to embrace the nature and the scenic beauty of the place. This place is less crowded, which makes it a must visit for honeymoon travelers. If you are visiting the famous Jal Mahal then do not forget Chandlai Lake to enjoy the gentle breeze and romantic ambiance!

Galta Temple- is popular for connecting with 7 natural water springs and is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site. People believe in taking a dip in this holy water to get rid of negative energy and invite health and wellness. The temple looks like a palace from a distance standing elegantly in pink sandstone surrounded by hillocks.

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