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What are some interesting facts about Rajasthan?   

Fourdy Network
@fourdynetwork | Posted 03 Jan. 2019

Fourdy Network
@fourdynetwork | Posted 03 Jan. 2019

  1. On most streets, there are more cows, elephants and camels than people!
  2. In the monsoons, you will see at least one person on the roof on every alternate street.
  3. People are ever willing to welcome you into their homes and hearts and you are not allowed to leave the house unless you have water if you don’t agree to join them for their scrumptious feast.
  4. Daal Baati is the popular Rajasthani dish but people think they eat this every day. It is a myth as they prepare this dish on occasions
  5. The majestic wall of the Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second-longest continuous wall in the world after the Great Wall of China running 38 km in length.
  6. The city of lakes, Udaipur, is also known as the White city because it has a predominance of white-colored structures in the city.
  7. King Ravana’s chief wife Mandodari is believed to be Rajasthani. There is a popular belief Mandore was the hometown of Mandodari, the chief wife of the king Ravana of Lanka, who was killed by Lord Ram.

These are some of the interesting facts about the Rajasthan. There are also many hidden places that are not well explored by the majority of the tourists. It is suggested to book good hotels to stay in Jaipur that will offer good connectivity so that you can well execute your travel plans. I found an article and would like to share with you all. Click below to know-

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