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What are some good online billing options for freelancers?   

Updated 15 Feb. 2019

Sofia Kazmi
@SofiaKazmi | Posted 14 Feb. 2019

SlickAccount is one of the best cloud-based billing & invoicing software which tracks the billing of the customers and stores the data in the software so that it can easily retrieve whenever required. Send out invoices to get paid instantly and manage your inventory better.

This software is a cloud invoicing software so all your data are backed up.

SlickAccount’s invoicing software is the best for freelancers as it has,

  • GST Enable Invoicing
  • Create Customized Invoices
  • Email Invoices, auto reminder & take Online payments
  • Save time by automating the invoice schedule
  • Define the terms and condition as you want.
  • Generate reports faster
  • Follow up to keep track of your payments

Also, along with invoicing you get many other features such as simple inventory management, barcode scanning, bank integration, financial integration, pos billing, multi-user login, multi-currency and many more.