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What are good ways for postpartum/postnatal moms to get back in shape?   

Prakash Dubey
@Prakashdubey | Updated 24 Jan. 2019

Nisha Singh
@nisha_singh | Posted 24 Jan. 2019

Here are some good ways for postpartum weight loss to get back in shape-

My elder sister did take the help of the holistic health coach who is also a great nutritionist in Kolkata. These are the tips provided by the holistic health coachthat helped her lose weight after her pregnancy.

  1. Fitness goal - focus on getting adequate sleep and rest to reduce stress hormones in the body. Both weightlifting and cardio are important for new mothers and the former is quite easy to practice because it requires fewer equipment. Cardio such as jogging, running, cycling not only burn calories but bestow numerous health benefits. Start exercising but do it gently until your body is fully healed after pregnancy.
  2. Avoid processed food- avoid processed snacks like chips, baked goods, ready-to-eat food, and sugary drinks
  3. Avoid alcohol- Avoiding alcohol is important for weight loss because it provides extra calories without nutrition. Alcohol leads to weight gain and contributes to belly *****. Excessive alcohol consumption reduces the production of ***** milk.
  4. Drink plenty of water- Drink enough water to lose weight and this strategy is well proven by the researchers. Overweight women can lose 2kg in 12 months by drinking 1-liter water or more per day. Increasing the water intake will increase the number of calories burnt and the same is instructed to new mothers via Maternity Wellness programme.