General Ayurvedic Jasmine in India Skincare Routine

Should I keep jasmine oil in my skincare routine?   

Nikita Agarwal
@nikita_agarwal | Updated 23 Jan. 2019

Nisha Singh
@nisha_singh | Posted 22 Jan. 2019

Yes, you should always keep Jasmine oil in your skincare routine. Ayurvedic Jasmine oil in India is used for treating various skin health problems. It has many skin health benefits like -

  • Anti-aging benefits- The oil boosts the collagen production and tightens the skin. It removes the space created by the wrinkles and gives the younger looking skin.
  • Dry skin-You can get glowing, soft and supple skin by massaging the affected skin with ayurvedic jasmine oil.
  • Heal scar- Daily use of jasmine oil reduces the appearance of cellulite. Massaging with oil will increase the blood circulation
  • Skin moisturizer - Jasmine oil prevents the clogging of pores. You will get even skin tone by daily massaging with jasmine oil.