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Is red chili powder bad for the health?   

Nisha Singh
@nisha_singh | Updated 22 Jan. 2019

Nikita Agarwal
@nikita_agarwal | Posted 21 Jan. 2019

Red Chili powder in India is responsible for the beautiful red color in curries and dishes at the same time packing a punch in the spice department. The red chili powder is famous for the spiciness in the smoldering Indian cuisine. Primarily used in culinary practices, chili powder has proven good for a lot of health problems too.

It is harmful to health when you are consuming in an excess amount. It may lead to Irritable ***** syndrome, gastric ulcer and enhance ulcerative colitis. Excess consumption of red chili powder

Chili powder is a natural pain reliever. The ingredient capsaicin is now recognized as a key ingredient in treating osteoarthritis as well as helping in pain management of diabetic neuropathy and psoriasis.

Vitamin C and the pro-Vitamin A present in chili powder help in strengthening the immune system by building strong mucous membranes around the nasal passages, lungs, intestinal and urinary tracts.

Chili powder is useful in reducing the insulin level, clears congestion and stimulates the brain.

Chili powder also helps in preventing prostate cancer as capsaicin destroys both prostate cancer cells, one resulting from male hormones as well as the one not affected by the same.