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I am planning to visit Grand Canyon next month, so I just want to know, what things I need to carry?   

Andrew Russel
@manojevs | Updated 17 Apr. 2019

Shawn davis
@traveler1 | Posted 29 Apr. 2019

I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Grand Canyon, and I must say it is a place worth visiting. I had booked my trip with GrandCanyonDestinations. Well, if you are planning to visit the Grand Canyon, you need to pack your bags wisely. If you are in the last minute hurry, consider creating a checklist as it will help you to make sure that you have packed all the essentials. I had carried the following things along with me for my trip:

1.      Sunscreen.

2.      Sturdy and comfortable shoes.

3.      Sunglasses.

4.      Camera.

5.      First aid kit.

6.      A pair of binoculars.

7.      A hat.

8.      Some snacks.

9.      Reusable water bottle.

A small backpack.